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Personalized Dog Training and Behavior Services

Serving Connecticut, parts of New York, including New York City, Massachusetts and select areas in New England. National and international services and phone consultation also available.

Years ago we offered group dog obedience classes. We realized, however, most people just wanted a dog they could live with and group classes or cookie-cutter training packages weren't going to solve their dogs' behavioral problems. 

So we dropped the classes and began making house calls. After all that's where the problems were. 

"many obedience training classes aren't meeting the needs of the pet dog owner…the majority of obedience class dropouts in a 1991 study told us they quit obedience classes because they saw no changes in their dog's behavior at home." - How Dogs Learn. Burch, Bailey 1999.

Your Dog Is Special. We believe every dog is unique, every owner has different needs, and every family has a special story to tell. Our dog training services are tailored to complement your story. We meet with you in your home and together we create a dog training and behavior modification program designed to give your dog story a happy ending. 

Dog training and behavior services we offer you

In Your Home Dog Training

Do you have a new dog or puppy that needs to learn basic obedience or manners? Maybe it's an older dog that's driving you crazy. Or perhaps, you just want a few tips. If you live in Connecticut or Westchester County, we can come to your home. A few sessions, maybe a few weeks, sometimes just one visit is it all takes to get you back on track.


In Our Home Doggie Bootcamp & Canine Energy Balancing

Some dogs with more complex behavior problems require a few weeks away from home where they can receive extra attention in a controlled, yet loving environment. John will design a training and behavioral modification program just for you and your dog. 

Energy balancing. Through a variety of specially-honed techniques, John will help your dog relearn what it means to be a dog, teach them (and you) boundaries that help them calm themselves and put themselves in a better frame of mind, teach them how to deal with stressful situations and release energy in more positive ways - essentially, how to become a happier, more confident dog, a more enjoyable family member. 

We are not a kennel. Our overnight guests live with us as part of our extended family. Located in a beautiful rural area of Connecticut, we have ten park-like acres complete with walking trails, obstacle course, doggie pool, and more. Space for overnight camp is strictly limited to ensure each dog receives special care and attention in a family atmosphere.


Canine Estate Services

By maintaining a limited, select client list, we are able to provide the services you need at the level of quality and attention you deserve--for the life of your dog.

Right from the start. Because we are not dog brokers, we can objectively guide you through the selection process to ensure you get the right dog at fair market value. Whether you are looking for a family companion or estate protection, competition dog or best friend, we offer the services you need to find, train, and care for your dog and to support your lifestyle.

Many of our VIP clients travel frequently or live only part-time on their estate. While away, they know their dog is happy and well cared for because he lives with us as part of our family. Located in a beautiful rural area of Connecticut, we have ten park-like acres with walking trails, an obstacle course, doggie pool, and more -- when you're not home, your dog can be.

We have been around long enough to have provided services for clients through an entire life's cycle. We were there to guide them through the selection process, we trained and titled the dog, provided a daily or weekly schedule of maintenance and play, offered their dog a home away from home when needed, and when the time came, we were there providing support and advice as their best friend passed away. Don't you deserve that kind of commitment and care? 


Puppy Training & Puppy Selection

Puppy Training. You may think you must wait until your puppy is a certain age before you can start training. The problem is you are "training" your puppy the minute he walks through your door. What he learns now will perhaps have the greatest impact on your budding relationship and his ability to cope in his new world. Bad habits created during this getting-to-know you period will only have to be dealt with later. Make sure you both set off in the right direction from the start. A little expert training now will go a long way, especially if you have never owned a dog before.

Training at a young age should consist of learning to understand and communicate with each other, house rules, social manners and constructive play. The foundation for formal commands are learned as part of every day living and set in motion a dialog with your dog that will vastly improve the speed and ability with which he can learn more difficult tasks and commands later on. We specialize in helping you make the most of this critical time in your dog's life. Give us a call to find out how.

Puppy Selection. When choosing a new puppy or adult dog, the first step is to take a hard look at yourself, your family and your lifestyle. Are you ready to make that decade long commitment? Is your family in agreement? Read our FREE brochure In Search of the Perfect Puppy. It will help you discover the answers to these questions.

Once you are ready to make the commitment, we can help you find that special dog or puppy and prepare you and your family for his arrival. 



Do you train for working dog titles and need a trainer, coach, or decoy? Do you want your dog titled, but don't want to do the work yourself? We've been in dogsports a long time; let's talk.


Pro Trainer & Importer Support Services

Many dog-training professionals come to us for training when they are starting out, need extra help, or want to learn advanced techniques. We also provide support services for brokers who have sold dogs to people in our area and need a qualified trainer to transition the dog or to continue a training program.


Dog Behavior & Training Consultations by PHONE

Like what you see, but don't live in our area? Can't wait for a spot to open up? Why not set up a phone consultation? 

Call 203.232.8018 or email John to discuss how we can help you and your dog live happily ever after.

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