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Puppy Training

Puppy Training 101: How to Train a Dog From Day One

On his website,, John Rodriguez shares his wisdom for proud new puppy owners, "You may think you must wait until your puppy is a certain age before you can start training. The problem is you are "training" your puppy the minute he walks through your door. What he learns now will perhaps have the greatest impact on your budding relationship and his ability to cope in his new world."


Puppy's learn fast! With consistency, they are able to learn basic commands like sit and stay quickly. However, a puppy can pick up bad habits, such as jumping, chewing, nipping, just as easily as the good habits. If you make the mistake of getting too caught up in the cuteness of your puppy, you may accidentally reinforce problem behaviors. You need to know how to train your dog from day one and reaching out to people like John at Elite Canine can help.


In fact, John can help you prepare for puppy training before you bring your new puppy home. Perhaps you are not sure how to find the right puppy for you and your family. John can also help you select the right puppy that will fit your lifestyle and personality. Raising your puppy can be fun and enjoyable or it can be frustrating and stressful. If you live in Connecticut , Westchester County or surrounding area, call John at 203-232-8018, he can help you and your puppy get off on the right paw with a training program personalized for your unique needs and situation.  

If you don’t live in Connecticut, Westchester County or surrounding area, you can easily access the talents of John Rodriguez and Elite Canine LLC, by booking a phone consultation. John can give you insight into how to find the right puppy, preparing to bring your puppy home and how to train your puppy.


Once you have established the right dog obedience training plan for your puppy, you will be on the path towards a harmonious relationship. Remember to be consistent and be aware of moments where you might accidentally reinforce those problem behaviors. Preventing problem behaviors in the first place combined with frequent verbal praise and treats for positive behaviors will be positively reinforcing for you both. As frustrating as it may be at times, remember to enjoy this special time raising and training your puppy while you can. They grow up way too fast.

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