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Dog Behavior Training

Where to Find Dog Behavior Classes for Effective Dog Behavior Training

Dog trainers that can address problem dog behaviors can be difficult to find, especially effective ones who can create lasting behavioral change. Dog behaviorist John Rodriguez of Elite Canine has dedicated his life to understanding the root cause of behavior problems and to providing world-renowned behavior training for you and your dog. What makes John's custom-tailored dog training effective is the fact that he will take the time to observe your dog’s behavior in your home and surrounding environment -- after all that’s where the problem behaviors occur! From the convenience of your home, John can design a human-dog interaction program that will not only teach you how to train your dog but also help you resolve problematic behaviors without your having to drive to ineffective, mass-produced dog obedience classes. 


However, if you have a pup that requires more intensive support, John will welcome your dog into his Connecticut home for a few weeks of training and behavior modification. Whether you live in Connecticut or not, John at Elite Canine LLC are able to set up in-home or phone consultations for prospective clients. All you have to do is book a phone appointment online or visit to discuss training options for you and your dog. John will answer your questions, provide you with insight on how to train your dog and develop the most effective plan to modify modify your dog’s behaviors. Elite Canine LLC provides help for all kinds of needs from common behavioral problems like jumping, barking, not coming when called or puppy training to more difficult problems such as aggressive dog training. On his website John shares how he’s created happily-ever-after stories for all types of dogs and their families for over twenty-five years. 


The bond between a person and their dog is amongst the most precious gifts there is. If your dog receives great dog behavior training then you're ensuring they live a happy, healthy, enjoyable life with you. John will be able to provide training to rebalance your dog’s energy, redirect problem behavior into more fulfilling and constructive activities and enrich you and your family's life in the process.

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