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Dog Obedience Training

Where to Find the Best Dog Trainers Near Me for Dog Obedience Training

When you bring home a new dog, often the first question is, "how do I find the best dog trainers near me?" Sure enough, you will find a great deal of opportunities for dog obedience training. Dog training is an unregulated industry; anybody can call themselves a dog trainer. So how do you know if the "best dog trainers near me" are truly the best? 


First, make a list of what you want your dog to learn, the questions you have and any behavioral problems your dog is exhibiting. Then, look for an animal behavior professional who is well versed in human-dog interaction, has the experience needed to properly assess your dog, and is able to recommend an appropriate dog training and behavior modification program for you and your dog. Finally, ask how you and your family will be included in the process to ensure long-term success. 


John, at Elite Canine LLC says, “When we ask dog owners what they are looking for, most tell us they just want a happy, healthy, enjoyable relationship with their dog” He noted, “Some clients are struggling with behavioral issues others are bringing home a new puppy or dog and want to start the relationship off right ” John has worked with thousands of dog lovers over the years and found that “cookie-cutter training packages and group obedience classes didn’t address the majority of his clients’ needs.” He recognized the disconnect and acknowledged, “We made the decision to stop offering obedience classes and to concentrate on making house calls. After all that's where the problems are!” 


Over thirty years of research, training, experimentation and experience, has enabled John to adapt natural canine behavior into training methods that help dogs learn the lessons and form the bonds that make them confident, obedient and well-rounded members of their human pack. John can teach you how to understand and change your dog's behavior, to speak your dog’s language and to build a better, more enjoyable relationship with your dog. 


Elite Canine’s training is tailored to your individual needs. If you are lucky enough to live in Connecticut or Westchester County, then Elite Canine will be an option when you search for "the best dog trainers near me." This means that you can reach out to John about in home dog training, Doggie Bootcamp, Puppy Training or Canine Estate Services for discriminating VIPs. Imagine having a world class dog trainer and behaviorist come to the comfort of your home for dog obedience training?

If you don’t live in Connecticut, Westchester County or surrounding area, you can easily access the talents of John Rodriguez and Elite Canine LLC, by booking a phone consultation. John can give you insight into what training your dog may need and what to look for in a local trainer near you.

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