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Dog Training Near Me

Where to Find the Best Dog Training Near Me for Aggressive Dog Training

Do a quick search for aggressive dogs or aggressive dog training and you’ll quickly see that dog aggression is a common and serious behavior problem. Keep in mind though aggression is a natural canine behavior; it’s part of who your dog is. However, when aggression occurs out of context, out of control or out of proportion, it’s a very serious problem that must be dealt with quickly and correctly. 


Three common causes of aggressive dog behavior.

  1. Fearfulness: innate or environmental 

  2. Frustration: lack of exercise or “meaningful work’ to do, unhealthy pack structure 

  3. Learned: unintentionally encouraging aggressive behavior, for example fence running


The following canine behavioral patterns taken out of context, or unintentionally encouraged, can lead to aggressive dog behavior problems that can have serious consequences if left untreated. 

  • “Agnostic behavior: Conflict.Fighting and predation, chasing, biting, snapping teeth, snarling, barking, wagging tip of tail, herding

  • Defense and escape reactions: Sitting, crouching, running away, yelping, showing teeth, tail between the legs, rolling on back, pawing and extending legs

  • Attitudes of dominance: Forepaws on back, growling, tail erect (may bite neck); standing over dog on ground, growling; standing or walking stiff-legged with tail erect; head down, back arched, tail down; mounting, tail down, neck biting, without pelvic thrusts” (Scott & Fuller)


Your family becomes your dog’s pack. His or her natural behaviors can become sources of infinite playtime, like chasing tennis balls. Or they can become frustrating or dangerous behaviors. 


Eight common types of dog aggression

  1. Dog on dog aggression (territorial, social, fear)

  2. Dog on animal aggression (predation, fear, guarding)

  3. Specific breed aggression (a mix of truth, myth, “size of the dog”)

  4. Fear aggression (anxiety driven, often mistaken for ‘machismo,’ typically a mix of poor breeding, environment, lack of exercise and lack of mental stimulation)

  5. People aggression & Dominance (numerous causes)

  6. Possessive aggression (protecting their things, including food, often directed at the owner or one or more family members)

  7. Territorial aggression (protecting their property/territory, includes the car, can be directed at owner or spouse/partner)

  8. Protective aggression (protecting their family/pack regardless of where they are, sometimes directed at a spouse/partner)


Phew! That’s all very complicated and scary.


Luckily, there are people like John Rodriguez who are skilled and willing to come into your home to assist with dog training, behavior modification and energy balancing; training specifically designed to treat aggressive dogs. John is a world-renowned dog behaviorist and he has helped countless dogs and their owners overcome challenges with aggressive dogs. If you are looking for the best dog training near me and live in Connecticut, parts of New York, Massachusetts or the surrounding area you can take advantage of the in home support.  


In addition to ‘in your home” programs, John also provides "Doggie Bootcamp" services where he welcomes your dog into his family for a few weeks to help nurture and foster a positive relationship, rebalance excessive and misdirected energy and treat undesired behaviors. Over the years, John has produced countless success stories. If you are looking for a smile or some hope check out some of the testimonials on his website,


So if you find yourself struggling with an aggressive dog, don't hesitate to search for "the best dog training near me."

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