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Dog Behaviorist

What is the difference between a Dog Behaviorist and a Dog Trainer?

Many people believe that a dog behaviorist and a dog trainer are one and the same. Not so much.


A dog trainer is someone who will help teach you how to train your dog basic commands like sit, stay, come and down. As your dog learns more commands, a trainer is able to teach new and more challenging commands like roll over or jump. Think of a dog trainer as you would a personal trainer at the gym. The more fit you get, the more challenging your workouts get. Same thing with dogs and their training. The more a trainer teaches and challenges them, the more endorphins are released. The result can be a happy, obedient and healthy pup!


A dog behaviorist is someone that will help work with your dog to overcome problematic behaviors, such as jumping, barking, biting, excessive energy, dog aggression, people aggression, pulling on the leash, begging, separation anxiety, chewing and more. A behaviorist is able to identify the cause of the problem behavior and work with your dog to reduce anxiety and aggression or shift from unwanted behaviors to more productive ones. You can think of a dog behaviorist like you would a therapist. First they uncover both the environmental and natural causes of the problem behavior. Then they develop a holistic behavior modification program and finally they work with you and your dog to make changes that will help your dog overcome problem behaviors and become a more enjoyable member of your family


Both a dog trainer or dog behaviorist can be effective based on the needs of your dog. The trainer can teach you how to train your dog. The behaviorist how to live with your dog. The combination makes for a happy, healthy obedient pet and a more enjoyable, rewarding relationship. Luckily, John is both a world-renowned and experienced dog behaviorist as well as a champion dog trainer who is also able to help teach you how to train a dog basic or more advanced obedience commands.

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