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We treat your dog
like part of our family

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Meet 1:1 with expert dog behaviorist John Rodriguez

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Helping you and your dog live happily ever after


Dogs would do anything for us! 


They make us laugh, love us unconditionally, keep us active, and add meaning to our lives.

But even the most beloved dog can suffer from anxiety, “selective hearing”, or behavioral problems that try our patience and break our hearts. You don't need to suffer!


Join the thousands who have learned the secrets to a more obedient pet, a more enjoyable relationship. 


If your dog has behavioral issues, - from counter surfing to aggression, In-home Behavior Counseling may be a best option for you.

Every dog family has a special story to tell. Our dog behavior and training services are tailored to complement yours. We meet with you in your home and together we create a dog training and behavior modification plan designed to give your dog story a happy ending. 


Some dogs need a few weeks away from home where they can receive extra attention in a controlled, yet loving environment. We are not a kennel. Our overnight guests live with us as part of our extended family. Overnight camp is strictly limited to ensure each dog receives special care and attention. My techniques combine your needs with natural traits of your pet and lay the foundation for you to build upon. 


Did you know your puppy is being "trained" the minute she is born? And, the moment he steps his paw into his new home, his budding relationship with his new pack starts to form.  Make sure you both set off on the right path from the start. Bad habits, anxiety and behavior problems created during this getting-to-know you period, will be harder to break the longer you wait. A little expert training now will go a long way in helping you make the most of this critical time in your dog's life, especially if you have never owned a dog before.


For select clientele, we are able to provide estate services at the level of quality and attention you deserve. Whether searching for a family companion, estate protection, or competition dog, we offer high-touch selection, training and long-term care services to suit your lifestyle. Our long-term VIP clients trust and appreciate the support Elite Canine provides generation after generation.

Dog Behavior Services

Simple, Customizable Plans to Meet Your Unique Needs

Black Dog

Does your dog have too much energy? Is he overly anxious, fearful or aggressive? Is she out of control, unable to center herself, calm down or simply listen to basic commands? 

Through a variety of specially-honed techniques, John will help your dog relearn what it means to be a dog, teach your dog (and you) boundaries that help them calm themselves and put themselves in a better frame of mind, teach them how to deal with stressful situations and release energy in more positive ways - essentially, how to become a happier, more confident dog, a more enjoyable family member. 


No matter where you live, answers to your dog related questions are just a phone call away! Need advice on bringing a new puppy or dog into your life? A phone consultation with John can be an invaluable tool to get you started in the right direction and avoid problems down the road. Do you need help with jumping, chewing, nipping or have other training questions, while nothing can replace an in-person session with John, we understand this isn’t always possible. So now you can connect with John by phone from anywhere!

Book your dog behavior consultation by phone.


World renowned
dog behaviorist,
John Rodriguez
, can be your personal guide to a great relationship with your dog! 

Yes, I'm ready to have a great relationship with my dog! 

Thanks for reaching out!

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